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Today, Amy & I are super stoked to introduce one of our favorite new swappers, Nnenna of star-crossed smile, with a fabulous recap of a blogger swap she attended last week in NYC. We’ve swapped in person and by mail with Nnenna many times over the last few months and she is a true Swapaholic, not to mention sweet as can be. Read on for more dish & snaps from the event!

I’m so very excited to be on The Swapaholics blog today with a recap of a fun swap event that I attended last week in NYC! The very first swap I ever attended was The Swapaholics’ ModSwap event with during NYFW last fall, so I credit these lovely ladies with getting me hooked on swapping! Since then, I’ve been to a few other swap events in NYC, as well as swapping frequently on the awesome website, Before I started swapping, all of these clothes were just sitting in my closet unworn, so I think it’s great that I can swap them and give them somebody who will show them a little more love. In addition, it’s a great way to add some new-to-me pieces to my closet without having to spend any money at all! Basically, I really can’t say no to a good swap, so of course I was really excited for this event. :)

This swap was put together by The Bloggers’ Collective, a group of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers who live in NYC. For their first official event, they chose to host it at Wix Lounge, a really cool, free work/event space for creative professionals in NYC. They even offer free wi-fi and you can pop in to do some work anytime you want! Since this is literally two doors down from where I work, I just did a quick change after work and headed straight to the swap.

When I arrived at the swap, I checked in and was given a number, which would indicate when I was allowed to peruse the swapping items. For this swap, we were asked to bring 4 to 10 items of new or gently used clothing, or you could also bring unused beauty products. The number of items you brought was the same number of items you could take home with you. Since I had plenty of items to swap, I ended up bringing 10 items, including some shoes, purses, dresses, and more.

After checking in, I popped over to the refreshments table to grab a plate of yummy snacks and a glass of wine! The baked goods were made by one of the hostesses’ friends and the wine and cheese were provided by Spark Rebel, one of the event sponsors. Once I had my food and drink, I was ready to mingle!

Other than my friend Alex, I didn’t know any of the other bloggers at the swap, so it was really great to meet other NYC bloggers like these ladies above. Naina (on the left) totally DIY’ed those awesome studs you see on her blazer and iPhone case, while Christina (on the right) was just as sweet as can be in her pretty floral shirt!

After a brief welcome and a round of introductions, we quickly got to swapping! The items started out organized by type (such as tops, dresses, skirts, and so on), but by the time the first group had gone digging for goodies those divisions weren’t so clear! Space was a bit limited, with only five bloggers were allowed to browse at a time. I was in the third group, so I just kept chatting with new friends and snapping pictures while waiting for my chance to swap!

In true blogger fashion, after we had selected the things that caught our eye, we then went around showing off what we scored to our new friends. At the end of the night, a lovely representative from Goodwill of NY & NJ was there to collect all of the items that people didn’t want as donations for a special blogger rack at the Goodwill on W. 8th!  I thought this was a great idea because absolutely nothing went to waste.

I scored some pretty fab items at the swap, including a cozy sweatshirt with elbow patches, a black sequined top that will be perfect for nights out, a cute little romper that I can’t wait to wear this summer, some ‘crackle nail polish’ fake nails to try out, and a floral tank that just screams “Spring is here!”

A little after 8 pm, we called it a night and parted ways contentedly with our bags full of great swap items. As usual, this swap experience did not disappoint and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet up with these ladies again!

*All pictures above taken by Alex (on the left) or myself

Thanks again to The Bloggers’ Collective for throwing such a great event and to The Swapaholics for having me as a guest on their blog today! Keep on swapping!

~ Nnenna

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  • Nnenna

    Thanks again for letting me guest post Melissa and Amy and for the super sweet introduction! :)  I really hope to be swapping with you again here in NYC soon!

  • Kimberlee VDW

    Aww I’m glad you had a good time :)