ModSwap Goes to Maine!

This winter, we secretly partnered with ModCloth to pilot test our long-awaited “Swap in a Box” kit, including a chapter from our upcoming book and some other goodies, so their “ModSquad” ambassadors around the country could try out hosting swaps at home for their friends and fellow bloggers. One of our friends, the effervescent Michelle Smith of MaineBelle and Goodwill of Northern New England, went to a ModSwap in Portland, Maine this week, and is sharing the #swaplove here today for us!

Here’s Michelle’s swap story:

I had the great honor of attending a ModCloth & Clothing Swap this week, hosted by Julia from Jeeze, Julia! Julia is a member of the ModSquad, a group of ladies selected by their to be “Style Ambassadors.” Julia and others share feedback about their items, the website, their blog posts, and customer service. The ModSquad-ers have a similar love of vintage clothing and fashion so they chat about upcoming trends, favorite vintage, and of course, swaps!

Julia and her boyfriend, Ryan, were the sweetest hosts and made everyone feel immediately at home — I was so happy to meet new thrift and swap lovers here in Portland! I brought my friend Ashley from Sweet William and we were greeted at the door by our hosts, who whisked away our bags of clothes for sorting. While everyone’s swap contributions were being carefully organized, we were treated to snacks and drinks — they even made a special swap drink called “Berry Picking” that featured sage-infused berry syrup mixed with gin and tonic — heaven!

I sneaked a peek at the sorting at one point, as Julia (and her friend Julia) were organizing swapped items into categories: shoes, accessories, sweaters, shirts, tanks, dresses, skirts, and men’s.

Julia has great thrift style and her apartment decor is just as stylish — look at the menus she created to help plan their weekly meals!

She also created a fab “mid-century camping” theme for the swap. She borrowed old coffee and tea tins from her grandfather’s New Hampshire camp, as well as this great old marshmallow tin.

I really like the way Julia organized this swap. Once everything was sorted, we each got about 20 minutes to sort through everything, get a sense of what was there, and try things on. Everyone was then given three tags so we could “pin” our top three most-wanted items.

Amazingly, everyone pinned three different items, so there were no scuffles! (Julia had planned trivia questions to break any ties.) After everyone got their three top items, Julia gave out some great tote bags from ModCloth and so we could scoop up other items we wanted, then everything left over was donated to Goodwill Industries of Northern New England (where I work!).

One of the best parts of the night: in keeping with the mid-century camping theme, Julia made everyone a “girl scout” necktie. It was a sweet touch and I’m excited to wear and own a handmade item from Julia!

I scooped up a number of great items — here are some of the highlights:

Turquoise necklace (donated by ModCloth)

Great natural wood earrings

One of my favorite swap items was this pair of black Aldo boots from Ashley (thanks, they fit perfectly!)

Two great belts

And here we are all the end of the swap, happy little “campers!”

Thanks to for helping with this event — I hadn’t been to a house party swap in a long time and it was great to have such a small, intimate setting for swapping clothes and sharing fashion ideas. Ideas for future SWAPmaine events are already coming together!

  • Julia

    Fantastic summary, Michelle! I was so happy to have you!


  • Julia

    P.s. Thanks!

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  • Allie Munier

    dude. i am so jealous that i can see through time. your swap looks SO CUTE julia! next time, i’m going to have to sweet talk michelle into taking me as her date :D

  • Dory

    What fun! Love the idea of tie-breaker trivia. : )

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  • Anna Newell Jones

    wow! what a score with those aldo boots! love the scout neckties too.

  • Julia

    Aww, thanks, Allie! I wish I could have invited everyone, but unfortunately we only had a one bedroom apartment to fit the crowd (and their clothes!) into.

    xx. Julia

  • Julia

    Thanks, Dory! We ended up just asking the trivia questions at the end for fun anyway!


  • Julia

    Anna, the neckties are for sale at!