Goodwill Denver Swaps with Mondo



I would have loved to have flown to Denver last week to participate in the Goodwill Denver’s Fashion Show + Clothing Swap. But since we had Fashion Week plans, we sent our favorite Denver blogger instead! Anna is the fabulous force behind And Then She Saved – a photographer and lifestyle blogger based in Denver who was recently featured on the Nate Berkus show. Here’s her recap:


Once I arrived, I made my way to the eager helpers who traded me a yellow wristband
for my items (the wristband was to allow us into the swapping area that would start after
the fashion show).

As soon as Mondo Guerra from Project Runway fame announced that the swap was
starting a line instantly formed. In the line we were all so close that we began to move in tandem. Suddenly, I found myself in the swapping area, and by pure luck I ended up right next to a rack that had a mint-condition wool J Crew jacket on it! (The score of the night!) On that same rack I found another jacket that still had it’s tag on it (tag said $129!). When the crowd moved you moved so I started grabbing some random things off racks that had cuteness potential.

Somethings that could have been improved about the event: too small of a swapping
area (I heard rumors that there were 850 people there- don’t know how true that is
but there were A LOT), the yellow wrist-bands weren’t checked so anyone could be in
the swapping area, and the emcees instructed everyone to take 10 items (regardless of
how many items you brought). Also, since the exit was right behind the swapping area
people had to go through the mass of people to leave the building. A better layout would
have made all the difference.

What I really liked about the event was that the clothes were organized by type; shirts
were with shirts, pants were with pants. That made things easy once you got to the
rack. At the end of the night, people wiped their brows, heaved their armfuls of clothes and
most ladies looked pretty happy with their loot. Apart from the few glitches it was still a lot of fun to experience a swap of that magnitude, and that J Crew jacket made all that squishing worthwhile!

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  • Thrifting Denver

    Thanks for the blog post!  We had a great time!!

  • Anna Newell Jones

    Thank you Melissa and Amy! xo

  • Ali Cat

    That is a terrifying, call-the-fire-department number of people in that tiny space! I’m glad you were still able to find cuteness, Anna!