Lame Gift Swap

The Lame Gift Swap is a tradition I started with my close friends a few years back as a excuse to gather after the craziness of the holidays dies down. It’s one of my favorite traditions because its the absolute perfect time to dish about what our crazy families did over the holiday, reflect on all the fun we had over the year, and what we think the new year will bring to all of us. Sound like fun?

Photos from last nights Lame Gift Swap:

lame gift swap

lame gift swap

lame gift swap

lame gift swap

Host your own:

1. Chose your Host and location.
You should swap hosting every year, but this dosen’t really work in my group of friends, because most are allergic to cats and dogs so that leaves one or two who can host (sorry Laurie).

2. Prepare a menu.
We do our swap potluck style, and BYOB.

3. Collect the gifts you received that dont fit, are not your style, or are just plain old lame.
Examples: Snuggies, Shakeweights, Justin Biber cds, mittens, Crossroads dvds…you get the point!

4. Wrap your items back up.
I like to wrap mine up really fancy, that way the receiver will be in for a real surprise!

5. Head to the party!
This you will need to figure out on your own.

6. Start your Swap!
Put all wrapped gifts in a pile, pull numbers from a hat to determine the order you will choose gifts. The first person opens a wrapped gift. The second person then chooses whether to open a wrapped gift or “steal” their friend’s opened gift, and so on and so on.
If a person has their gift stolen, they can choose a new wrapped gift or steal an unwrapped one. When all gifts have been unwrapped, the game ends.

7. Go home.
If you think your swap gift has value, but just isn’t for you, you could try swapping it online.

  • Dmzt48

    lucky for you, none of my gifts I gave you were in that pile!   And what was that about “crazy families”????

  • Punky (Amy)

    haha, I meant other crazy families…We are perfect ;)