Plaid Friday: Shop Local

One of the things we’re most proud of about the way we host swap events is the impact we’ve been able to make by partnering with our favorite locally owned, independent businesses, both at home and when we’re on the road.

As many swap organizers know, there’s usually a void in the schedule on swap day (between the drop-off period and when the swap starts), during which you always want to keep your swappers entertained (and close to your swap venue) by giving them something cool to do. Which is how we first came up with the idea our “Swap & Shop” maps in 2009 — a win-win for swappers and for locally owned businesses in the (generally up-and-coming) neighborhoods near our swap locations.

swap and shop map worcester

This holiday season, we’d love to be able to encourage you all to do the same, wherever you may be. Instead of shopping the major chain stores on Black Friday, consider shifting your shopping to local retailers and taking part in Plaid Friday instead. It’s a super fun tradition that’s only a few years old, where you wear plaid while shopping local, independent shops. Easy and super fun, right?

Plaid Friday

Check out this story I did last year about Plaid Friday on Shoestring for more info on the movement (including a cute video) or use these resources to get involved and find local, independent sellers in your city, town, square or neighborhood:

And, of course, if you happen to be in Boston…

Pick up an all-new ACCESS card, hit Midnight Madness in Davis Square on 12/1, and download the Goodwill of Northern New England Black Friday weekend coupon.

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