Swap Runway Show

As a long time lover of fashion I have never believed that you have to spend a lot of money to look awesome. Every Fashion week The Swapaholics prove that by giving Boston bloggers the opportunity to strut their Swap Style on a runway. These ladies are given only minutes to pick out items from the swap, then style them for their runway debut. It’s hectic and a little bit of challenge just like a real fashion show. The girls always pull off adorable looks, but these were my favorites:








You can find the rest of the runway photos on our Facebook page.

Photos: Adam Towner

  • http://ohryankelley.com ohryankelley

    These photos are AWESOME! MC Hammers pants are of course my fav.

  • Pattihannae1

    I love it,u00a0I love it show me some more of it. It is a wonderful idea for parents, and adults, singles trying to make ends meet today. It is a great way to become more creative, without become in debt. It is really a good idea long over due. I think it would be helpful to anyone interested in fashion or just wanted to dress in some new styles.

  • http://fullthreadle.com Mel

    Having a fashion show is just SO fun!  What a great way to show how beneficial a swap meet can be!  If anyone in the Redding, CA area wants to do one, please let me know.  Fullthreadle.com