Stylish Year’s Swap Style

I am so thrilled to be taking over The Swapaholics blog for the day! My name is Amy and I run the blog, Stylish Year. I started blogging as a way to get more out of my closet and the addition of clothing swaps to my life have made that increasingly easier.

My first swapping experience was almost exactly a year ago:  I attended the swap during Boston’s Fashion Week and was instantly hooked. Since then,  I have been to quite a few swaps in and around the area, as well as the one The Swapaholics held in Austin, TX this past Spring. I have come home with many goodies which I feature in outfits on my blog all the time. There is usually one stand out piece from each swap that becomes a staple.

One of my most recent favorite swap finds is this zip front denim dress. The straps originally were crossed in the back and WAY to long for me, thankfully my mother was able to remedy that problem and this dress has quickly become the go to piece in my closet. I love easy pieces that start as a blank slate and let me create outfit after outfit around them.

Now that the cooler weather is arriving I am excited to be changing up this dress yet again. This swap find is definitely something that will be living in my closet year round!

Happy Styling,
Amy Allen

  • chirisdex

    One of my most latest preferred exchange discovers is this zip front side jeans outfit. The ties initially were surpassed in the back and WAY to long for me, fortunately my mom was able to solution that issue and this outfit has easily become the go to part in my wardrobe. I really like simple items that start as a empty standing and let me make clothing after clothing around them.

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