DIY & Secondhand Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. For anyone who loves playing dress-up and getting into character like I do, Halloween is the high holy day of all theme parties and theatrical events.

Melissa Halloween

Ever since I was a little girl, when my mom and I would spend hours and hours planning and sewing our costumes over the weeks leading up to Halloween each year, down to the design of our complementary Caran d’Ache face paint, I wait all year long for the leaves to start turning colors and for the “punkins” to turn up at the farmer’s market, signaling that Halloween was on its way. (That’s me, above, at age 4.)

Now, as an adult, I drive my husband absolutely crazy with planning and picking our theme each year, and over the last nine years together we’ve been everything from Andy Warhol & Edie Sedgwick to the Brawny Man & his roll of paper towels (pics below).  We swap ideas, items of clothing, and props with friends, then we pick up anything else we need at Goodwill, until we get the concept just right.

Melissa & Andrew DIY Halloween Costumes

My favorite part about Halloween is that cool/fun ideas are way more impressive than anything store-bought – it’s always the most creative costumes made from DIY and thrifted pieces that take home the costume contest ribbons like a boss. So, I thought I’d share the #swaplove with this round-up of some of our favorite DIY costume ideas from some of our favorite bloggers-turned-swappers:

Jessica Quirk (our special guest star at Swap Uncapped in July) has an amazing gallery of clever DIY costume ideas, from The Hamburgler to historical figures, on her blog, What I Wore.

Sammy (who joined us for ModSwap at NYFW) posted this cute video on her blog, Sammy Davis Vintage, for three DIY costume ideas created from thrift scores.

Our friends at Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries in Boston (home of the original Goodwill and super supporters of our swaps since day one) have a long list of cute costume ideas over at their “Halloween Headquarters.

And (shameless plug), check out these 20+ DIY Halloween costume & makeup ideas posted over on my online magazine, Shoestring.

Happy Halloween from The Swapaholics &!

~ Melissa