The DS girls talk swap!

Today we have Sarah (left) and Jamie (right) of Double Standard blog, sharing their swap story!

Jamie: Our swapping began at a young age, as sharing a room growing up also meant sharing a closet. It was inevitable that when shopping through that closet while getting ready for school in the morning, something that did not belong to you would be saying pick me, pick me!

Sarah: Although SOMETIMES we actually asked each other if we could borrow something, most of the time we just did our best to sneak whatever it was we wanted and cover it up with a big chunky sweater until we got to school and there was no turning back…although sometimes when Jamie caught me I thought I would have to walk around school half naked all day.

Jamie: Now?  I love when Sarah raids my closet.  I always find it fun to see how she wears my clothes.  Maybe it’s that I’m more mature now….or maybe I know that allowing her free range to my closet means I get hers too.

Sarah: This week, we were so excited when the Swapaholics asked us to guest post on their blog!  And now that we know how to swap properly we decided to swap entire closets and come up with an outfit for ourselves in only 5 minutes!

You think you would know pretty much everything in your own sisters closet, especially now that we are both back home and see each other almost every day, but no no, this was not the case. I was suprised at how many times in our 5 min limit I found myself going…whhhat? What is this? How come I’ve never seen this?…..How come I’ve never stolen thisssss? Which is why we will be incorporating a shop eachother’s closet post routinely into our blog, Thanks Swapaholics!

Sarah- For my outfit I snagged Jamie’s olive Forever21 dress and because she doesn’t have many accessories, I used a sweet printed maxi dress as a scarf! (I learned that little trick when I used to dress window and interior store mannequins) Then I just finished it off with my vintage Frye boots. Different sized feet = shoes were unfortunately not included in the swap fun.

Jamie- Everytime I go through Sarah’s closet, my eyes are drawn to this Forever21 romper.  I love the pattern and the neckline, and pretty much everything else about it.  Unfortunately, when I try it on, I always talk myself out of wearing it.  So I decided I would conquer my inner self saying “you can’t pull this off” to actually wear it.  I’m so happy I did, and I think that this will become a regularly missing item in Sarah’s closet! I paired it with a bracelet and Swapped shoes.