An LBD DIY with Holly!

Why, hello there swappers! My name is Holly and my little blog is called HollyDolly. I attended the recent Swap Uncapped in Boston, and I scored some amazing pieces. It was my very first swap (!), and I quickly learned one thing: do not bother to look at tags and sizes. There was no time for that! I picked up anything that caught my eye, whether it was the fabric, print silhouette, etc. Size could be dealt with later. 

One of the items I was determined to find was a little black dress. How have I gone this long without this staple in my closet?! Well, I found one. But do I look awkward and uncomfortable in that before photo? That’s because I felt awkward and uncomfortable. The dress I had picked up was about 3 sizes too big for me. No matter, that’s what a sewing machine is good for! A few stitches here and there, and I have the perfect fitting LBD that has been missing from my closet all this time.

Tip: If you are not an experienced sewer, don’t worry about how neat the inside looks. As long as it looks good from the outside, who cares? You’re the only one who is going to see the inside. And it was free anyway, so why not try!
dress: swapped and altered
shirt: Forever21
necklace: Little Pancakes
heels: Seychelles
  • Kristen

    SO CUTE! Nicely done, Holly. A good find and a great re-make.

  • Pixie in Pumps

    LOVE how this turned out holly. I need to stop being so stressed about altering dresses that are too big because you always have the most wonderful items that you’ve altered and they look great on you! And the way you styled this is so flawless!