What I Wore talks Swapping & Shopping

I fancy myself as a bit of a closet chameleon. One day, I’m hiking in jeans and a tee shirt and that evening I’m twirling around in a cocktail dress. I can conjure up Betty Draper and Annie Hall in a single costume change. Who am I today? Who will I be tomorrow? Look at my closet and you’ll have no idea.

Enter the world of second hand clothing. As a kid, I was mortified by the idea of wearing some one’s old hand-me-downs. They were old… and used. I’d whine to my mom “Why can’t we just buy the real thing?” But as I would someday learn, there are many reasons to shop second hand. Here’s why I can’t wait to swap this weekend.

1. A New You. Have you been tempted to try stripes/leopard print/floral maxi dress/name-that-trend for a while, but not ready to commit to buying it full price elsewhere? You’re in luck. Try a new style without the paralyzing fear of buyer’s remorse. If it doesn’t work, bring it back to your next swap!

2. Retail math. Sure, there’s an entrance fee and you’re bringing in a bag of your own used clothing, but doesn’t it feel like you’re getting a whole new outfit for free?! It does to me!!

3. Past Lives. I might be in the minority here, but I like to wonder who wore the dress before me, especially with 50s-60s-70s vintage.

Why are you swapping with us this weekend? What are you looking forward to most?

All images property of Jessica Quirk

We are so excited to have Jessica of What I Wore guest posting for us today! In the Boston area this Saturday? Meet Jess, grab a copy of her new book,  and join in the swap fun at Swapping Uncapped!

  • http://bibsandbaubles.com cam

    I LOVE the dresses in this post! Need them on my must-have list!

  • http://whichmewillibetoday.wordpress.com Brimahunt

    I attended the swap in Boston and Jessica Quirk was there. She looked great. That was my first swapping event and I had so much fun. There were so many people there. I can’t wait for more event like this one.nnBlog: http://whichmewillibetoday.wordpress.comu00a0u00a0