Musings of a Rabbit Interview

Greetings swapaholics! All this week I’ll be interviewing some of the lovely San Franciscan swappers who attended Swap Lulu’s San Francisco last Thursday. I was curious to know what everyone was feeling before the swap, what they were hoping to find, and what they came away with. Today we have Chelsea, the super stylish mama behind the blog Musings of a Rabbit:

Before the swap:

Is this your first clothing swap?
Yes. I’ve never been to a swap. I’m thrilled!

What are some of the items you’re planning on bringing with you to the swap? Why are you swapping them?
I’m swapping some inventory from my online vintage store and a few items from my closet. I’m renovating the style at my store, and some pieces didn’t make the cut.They are amazing finds that someone will love! That goes for the pieces from my closet, as well.

What are you hoping to find at the Lulu’ swap?
This is a blank canvas experience. I’m keeping an open mind. I don’t know what to expect.

After the swap:

So, what did you think of your first Swapaholics clothing swap?
The swap was insanely fun! I met so many interesting people, snacked on munchies, and weeded my way through mountains of clothing. It was a thrifter’s dream!

Any “Swap Scores”? What is your favorite item from the day?
Yes! My favorite item is an 80′s vintage, textured white top with a thick navy-colored band across the front. When belted , it has the most feminine shape and gives the illusion that I have curves, always a plus for a woman who is straight-up-and-down!

Any tips for future swappers?
Create a plan! End of story. No, really. I had no formula, nor plan. So here are a few tips that I’m gonna use next time!

1) I went in alone. Mistake! Bring a friend so that you can split-up and cover more ground.
2) Just grab it! Review your loot afterwards. Put back what doesn’t make the cut.
3) Don’t be a chatty Cathy; get in line early! The first people there are the first people swooping up all the goodies.
4) Everything seemed to be moving at lightning speed. Prepare yourself to go-go-go!
5) Most importantly, don’t stress out. Have fun!

Will we see any of these items styled on your blog, Musings of a Rabbit?
I plan on posting a style post of my favorite top, that I mentioned above, in the coming weeks, along with a couple Lulus scores! Stay tuned!

All photos property Lucky Rabbit Vintage