New Swapaholics Brand Ambassador

Hi there fellow swappers, I’m Julie and today is my second day as the new Brand Ambassador for the Swapaholics! Some of you may already know me from my blog, Orchid Grey, or from the Delightful Dozen- a group of 12 Style Bloggers who swap clothes across the country. Maybe you’ve even spotted me at a Boston-area swap or two (or three, or four…).

I’ve come to think of swapping as an integral part of my fashion life. As a lover of fashion with eyes bigger than my wallet, I see clothing swaps as a great way to try new trends and fill my closet with new inspiration, without making a giant dent in my bank account. Plus, I love the satisfaction that comes with seeing my unwanted clothes find new homes, I’ve even seen my swapped dresses show up on some style blogs!

So I can not tell you how excited I am to be working with Punky and Melissa and sharing in all the #swaplove! These photos from Orchid Grey include some of my favorite swap scores to date. Have you attended a Swapaholics Swap yet? Do you have a favorite swapped item?

  • Linnea

    That blue dress is amazing!

  • Julie

    thank you! it is definitely my favorite Swap find yet!

  • Kimberellie

    I WISH I could attend a swap. But there doesn’t appear to be anything at all happening in, well, my entire country (Canada)! ;-) But it seems to be catching on! So here’s my fingers crossed!

  • Callie

    Kimberellie- girl, get out there and start a swap! :) Start one at work or church or just with a group of a few girls at someone’s home- start small and it’ll grow.

  • Julie

    Callie has the right idea! Let us know if you organize one too, have you seen our new events page?, lets you list your swap so others know about it! Send me an email if you decide to host!

  • Dusana

    yay, I remember that blue dress, definitely one of my favorite outfits of yours! I’m really looking forward to organizing a swap when I move back to the states. I’ve only done informal ones with a few friends before but it really looks like a “more the merrier” for great finds thing!

  • Jeanofalltrades

    Love the blue dress! The pleats are amazing! I’ve hosted my own swaps for the past several years. I love the idea and so do my friends. We all get to purge our closets, get terrific new finds, and help a charity by donating the leftovers.

    I like the intimate home environment and have yet to try a large-scale swap.

  • Julie

    Dusana, thank you! When you’re back in the US, let us know if you’re organizing a swap and you can post it on our events page for all to see!

    Jeanofalltrades, I love swapping items with friends, it’s a great way to try out styles you’ve admired. If you want to try the large-scale swap fun, you can post an event to our events page, or find one that’s already organized near you here: