Hummingbird Girls Interview

Greetings swapaholics! All this week I’ll be interviewing some of the lovely San Franciscan swappers who attended Swap Lulu’s San Francisco last Thursday. I was curious to know what everyone was feeling before the swap, what they were hoping to find, and what they came away with. Today we have Annalise, one half of the stylish pair that makes up The Hummingbird Girls:

Before the Swap:

Is this your first clothing swap?
This is my first clothing swap with the Swapaholics and Lulu’s, but I have been to a couple smaller clothing swaps with a group of girlfriends. I’m excited to swap with such a large group!

What are some of the items you’re planning on bringing with you to the swap? Why have you decided to swap them?
I’m bringing about 15-16 things to the swap. A few skirts and dresses, a handful of tops, a pair of pants and a jean jacket. I’m going to try and bring some shoes and accessories too. One of the dresses (from H&M) still has the tags on it because I never wore it! But it’s just been collecting dust in my closet so it’s time to pass it on to someone who will really appreciate it. I don’t mind if I come home with less items, as long as they are things I really love and will actually wear.

What are you hoping to find at the swap?
I have a deep love for all things vintage, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for pretty dresses from decades past. I’m hoping to find some other item’s on my wish list such as a cute pair of oxfords, peter pan collared blouses, and anything with lace or fringe. I also have a soft spot for leopard print so fingers crossed and wish me luck.

After the Swap:

So, what did you think of (presumably) your first Swapaholics clothing swap?
This was be far the biggest swap I had ever been to. I went to the swap with my friend Ashley from Fancy Fine ( and at first we weren’t sure we could find the building. Then we saw two cute girls with tote bags full of clothes and we knew we were in the right place. We ran across the street to follow them as they disappeared into a building with balloons out front. We had made it! Punky showed us where to leave our swap stuff and then led us to the blogger meet up where there was lots of delicious drinks and snacks to be had before the real swapping frenzy started. We had a great time talking to other bloggers and swap loving ladies all night.

Any “Swap Scores”? What is your favorite item from the day?
My favorite piece of clothing from the swap was the very first thing I picked up actually. It’s a striped shirt with little buttons near the collar. It has a slightly cropped style and short sleeves. Perfect for the summer!

Any tips for future swappers?
I wasn’t really prepared for how hardcore and competitive the swapping could be. I’m not a pushy person so I maybe lost out on some pieces by not moving fast enough. It kind of felt like some girls just grabbed as much as they could hold and only then stopped to look at what it actually was they had grabbed. I was at the end of the line to get in (probably because I was standing by the hors d’oeuvres for a while, haha) and by the time I got into the room many of the racks were practially empty. So if you want to find a lot of good stuff I would suggest getting to the front of the line and getting ready to run! :D

Will we see any of these items styled on your blog, The Hummingbird Girls?
You will most certainly see my new items on my blog. I’m wearing my striped top right now! Thanks to Julie for inviting me and Punky for being such a great hostess. I wish I could have been one of the lucky one’s to snatch up something from Lulu’s. Maybe next time!

Photos property of Annalise Furman & Ashley Ording