Fancy Fine Interview

Greetings swapaholics! All this week I’ll be interviewing some of the lovely San Franciscan swappers who attended Swap Lulu’s San Francisco last Thursday. I was curious to know what everyone was feeling before the swap, what they were hoping to find, and what they came away with. Today we have Ashley Ording, the wonder-girl behind one of my favorite blogs, Fancy Fine:

Before the swap:

1. Is this your first clothing swap?
Yes! Well, other than swapping clothes with my girlfriends, but this is my first full-on swap.

2. What are some of the items you’re planning on bringing with you to the swap? Why have you decided to swap them?
I’m bringing a few Forever 21 pieces that I don’t wear anymore and a few misguided thrift store purchases that are not flattering on me. I’m swapping them because I need more room in my wardrobe for new goodies of course!

3. What are you hoping to find at the swap?
I don’t really have any expectations, I just [want] to maybe find one or two pretty vintage pieces. I will make a beeline towards anything made of lace!

After the swap:

1. So, what did you think of your first Swapaholics clothing swap?
It was madness, in a good way! There were so many bloggers at the pre-swap meet up and it was fun to look around and recognize a lot of faces from the internet. I also realized that girls will go completely bonkers at these things!

2. Any “Swap Scores”? What is your favorite item from the day?
I only took one thing home that night, a cozy red sweater from the 90′s. Just the thing for chilly San Francisco evenings. I was a bit too intimidated by everyone’s competitiveness to try scoring much. In fact, I only grabbed that sweater at the very end of the swap because I didn’t feel like elbowing my way into the mass of ladies!

3. Any tips for future swappers?
Drink at least two glasses of champagne beforehand and be prepared for the crazy to come out in everyone around you!

4. Will we see any of these items styled on your blog, Fancy Fine?
Oh, you never know… that red sweater might make an appearance sometime! I’ll definitely be sharing some of the photos I took that evening on Fancy Fine.

All photos property of Ashley Ording