Citybird’s Interview

Greetings swapaholics! All this week I’ll be interviewing some of the lovely San Franciscan swappers who attended Swap Lulu’s San Francisco last Thursday. I was curious to know what everyone was feeling before the swap, what they were hoping to find, and what they came away with. Today we have Cristie, the cycle-chic blogger behind The Citybird’s Nest:

Before the swap:

Is this your first clothing swap?
Oh yes! I heard about them through your, (Orchid Grey’s) blog and it sounded really cool and then tried to find some around here in sf but none that sounded like any fun until you guys decided to come here!
What are some of the items you’re planning on bringing with you to the swap? Why are you swapping them?
I am swapping some things that are too big for me. I have a few vintage pieces that I am really sad to swap like a vintage halter maxi that I just adore but it just doesn’t look right anymore on me…I will be sad to see it go… or this red orange dress that I just love but again just too big on me. I like me clothes to fit a little more snug to show off my figure.

What are you hoping to find at the Lulu’ swap?
Oh so many amazing treasures! But I hope to find tops & skirts and dresses as those are all things that I love to wear. I will let the treasures find me… I know I will be happy with whatever I take home that day! But a cute yellow dress would be oh so nice!

So, what did you think of your first Swapaholics clothing swap?
It was fun, not what I had expected, but still really fun. I like to browse while shopping and this felt a little more cut throat, but hey it is fun to mix it up once in a while!

Any “Swap Scores”? What is your favorite item from the day?

I love my New Mexico sweater I found. The perfect color and weight for summer. I have already worn it a bunch! I love it!

Any tips for future swappers?
One girl said as I was walking around browsing- which wasn’t a great idea- was to grab colors and pattern that you like and worry about fit and size later! That was excellent advice!

Will we see any of these items styled on your blog, The Citybird’s Nest?
Oh yes of course! I actually already posted about my New Mexico sweater! And another dress I am fixing as the sleeves are too big will most likely be featured pretty soon!

All photos property of Cristie Burghardt

  • Samantha Schireson

    That was my New Mexico sweater! I’m glad it found a good home!