Swap Lulu’s San Francisco

We had so much fun swapping (and eating BBQ) at #TxSCC with the girls from Lulus.com, Stephanie & Alessandra, we knew we wanted to do it again — but who wants to wait a whole year? So… We’re coming to San Francisco for the first time on June 23rd to co-host a clothing swap — #SwapLulus — bringing together swappers & fashion bloggers from all over Northern California for a fun night of retail therapy and recycling. A.K.A., free clothes!

Lulus.com will be hiding over 100 secret samples of their cute & chic clothing & accessories throughout the clothing swap, mixed in with all of your donations from your own closets, just like buried treasure! We will be adding more info about the event next week, including details about the pre-swap blogger mixer, so “Like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to get all the juicy swap gossip.

Or, just get your tickets now! Use code SWAPLULUS at checkout for 25% off.

Melissa, Punky, Alessandra and Stephanie at TxSCC in Austin, Texas during SXSW in March. These girls are TOO much fun!

  • Jessica

    HI there. I’m planning on going to this even but how do I know what and how much to bring? My quality may not be the same as someone else. Do they look at what we bring and determine how much we can take? I am so clueless! lol. Help…=)


  • Kristen

    Wondering the same thing as Jessica! Help!lol

  • Melissa

    Hi Jessica! It’s really up to you how much you feel like donating to the swap, but most ladies generally bring 10-25 items: clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories. Everything should be in like-new or gently used condition — things you would pass on to a friend — and then while everyone registers & enjoys our happy hour, we sort everything into a pop-up store where everything is free for the taking when the swap starts at 8pm SHARP. Regardless of how much you bring, everyone is given the same size official Swap tote bag to fill to the brim with new-to-them finds. Only take what you truly feel you’ll wear, love, rock, and leave the rest for someone else to find or for our charity partners at Goodwill, who take everything leftover at the end of the night. There truly is such a thing as Swapping Karma, and almost everyone goes home happy with at least one new favorite thing & a bunch of new friends. Hope this helps! ~ Melissa

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