Swap Event Listings

It’s finally here!

For months, ever since we officially joined forces with Swap.com, we’ve been hinting that BIG #SwapLove projects were in the works, and the all-new Events @ Swap.com directory, where you can find & list swaps happening all around the world, JUST launched today. Pop bottles, swappers! This is gonna be epic.

The Swap movement is about creating a worldwide community of people who love to share. We want to give our gently loved stuff a good home while finding new-to-us stuff to take home & love, and maybe meet some new friends or have a girl’s night out with our old ones in the process. Swapping is social, sustainable, and stylish.

If you’re hosting a swap, anywhere in the world, list your swap for FREE by creating a free account at Swap.com (use Facebook Connect to do this in one click!), and then fill out the List a Swap form. You can link to your group or event page on Facebook, your Meetup, your Eventbrite page, or your own website!

If you’re looking for a swap near you, go to  Find a Swap and browse the listings. (Bear with us — since we just launched about 6 hours ago, there are only a handful of events, but we know for a fact there will be hundreds more soon!)

And, if you’re inspired to organize your own swap this summer or fall, but don’t know where to start, stay tuned: our Swapaholics e-book will be available in June. We’ve been saying this for years: Swapping really is the new Shopping!

  • http://Www.swapandsparkle.com Breda marron

    I am just about to launch an Irish swap party for charity, all support welcome. Tips and ideas for fun fuel fasionistas are gladly appreciated. Good luck with your launch. I’d Irish divas are watching your success with high hopes for lots of fun to come. Miss Minxy Mojo

  • http://www.theswapaholics.com Melissa

    Miss Minxy,

    Great to meet you & so glad you found us! List your swap party in our new directory at http://events.swap.com & we’ll help spread the word – or email us at swapaholics at swap dot com if you need help getting started. Love to see more swapping/swishing going on in Eire!

    With #swaplove,
    Melissa @ The Swapaholics/Swap.com

  • samantha

    HI! I’m an Air Force wife and I’m hosting my first ever swap on our base here in Minot North Dakota. I’ve got a venue set up, light refreshments, and lots of cool ladies invited… I’m hoping to get some tips and tricks to make my event successful!
    So glad to have found your site!

  • http://www.theswapaholics.com Melissa @TheSwapaholics


    So glad you found our site, too. I’m an Air Force brat (both mom & dad!) and love the idea of swaps being hosted on base. If you’ve already created a Facebook or Eventbrite listing for your swap, please add the link & all the details to our directory at Events.Swap.com. We have a Swapaholics mini book coming out in June, but in the meantime, here are a few things we’ve learned.

    Your next step is to make sure you have a few clothing racks (one rack per dozen ladies), some folding tables/surfaces for sorting & stack clothes, hangers (about 100 per rack), and signs. Oh, and volunteers! Recruit 1 of those per dozen ladies, too – people who are hard-working, speedy, good personal style & sense of humor – who can help with all the donations and make the swap look pretty. Most of all, have fun & learn from the first one to make all the next ones even better. The best way to learn how to host a swap is by doing! Everyone hosts them differently and that’s what makes each swapping community unique, so start with a smaller crowd, see what works and what doesn’t for your group, and tinker as you go. ; )

    With #swaplove,