Earth Day Exchange Recap

Even though we try to promote being stylish sustainably every day, we celebrated big time last week with our first Earth Day Clothing Exchange, held at Fourth Wall Project over by Fenway Park.


Our friends at Pacifico and Cakeology helped us celebrate by handing out complimentary summer suds and cute mini cupcakes at our pre-swap mixer, and we debuted a new girlie photo booth concept at the swap, inspired by something the folks at SmileBooth created for Martha Stewart. Fun, right?




Mini chalkboards shaped like comic book captions & chalkboard markers made for some serious silliness.


Our friends at Pacifico were psyched to hear rave reviews from a few of the bloggers. Verdict: girls love easy drinking deck beers, and Pacifico nails it. We’re stoked, ’cause it’s one of our all-time favorites, too!


Just in case you forget, we debuted some fun new wristbands, too. Join our Swapaholics group on if you haven’t already, where we swap online in between swap events.


We might have a crush on Bruce the Panda. Don’t tell Penny, Emma, Grace, or Dante…dogs get extremely jealous of pandas. It’s a well documented fact, and the last thing we need is a mascot mutiny.


Our newest summer intern, Christine, proved she could pull her weight with even the most veteran swap sorters by volunteering DURING FINAL EXAMS! (She looked adorbs doing it, too. We like her already.)


Since it was Earth Day, after all, we decided to reuse the remainder of our stash of swap bags donated by another favorite swap supporter: Jacque from Pretzel Crisps. Seriously, beer + pretzels + cupcakes + swapping = what more do you need? (That’s a rhetorical question, natch.)


The Closet Boston did a little spring cleaning of their own, and brought almost a truckload of designer items from their shop to donate to the swap. Were you one of the lucky ladies who scored big and found this buried treasure? Send us a pic of your finds on Twitter or Facebook, or submit your outfit photos to our new(ish) swap style blog over at


A little #swaplove moment in the photo booth with our summer 2010 marketing intern, Erica, home for Easter weekend from school and rocking her newfound swap top in the photo booth. When you find the #bestinternsever, you never let them go.


Some of the boys from the office came to rock the clothing swap, including our operations engineer, Matt, here comparing the real iPhone App to one drawn by our friend Stu, the “iSwap”.


And the rest of the crew from (L to R) Andrew, our web designer, Melissa, Amy, Ryan, our community manager, and Matt, our fearless ops guy. We were all cracking up because…


Over walked Julie from Orchid Grey, rocking a vintage Bogner ski suit (Chamonix, anyone?), which earned her the Swap Score of the Night award and two opening night tickets to Wine Riot Boston.

Photos by: Adam Towner

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