How About We Swap Books?

What do The Swapaholics love to do? Support local businesses, meet new people, have grand eco-and-wallet friendly adventures, and swap ’til we drop, of course! All of these loves have piqued our interest in a new Boston-bred and NYC-based dating website, How About We, which has come home to roost this week with an expansion project and Boston launch. Intended for those who are a little sick of entering their interests, likes, and dislikes over and over again in the hopes of being matched with their soul mate, How About We works differently: you choose people to meet in person based on their proposal of the perfect date. Would you like to hike Mount Chocorua and have a picnic at the peak, or would you see Arcade Fire in concert after an hour of vintage shopping?

Tomorrow night, we’re celebrating with How About We and welcoming them back to the Bean at their Yankee Book Swap. Join us as we “bring a book, add it to the pile, flirt in that understated Bostonian fashion, and take a book on the way out,” plus get to “see who else finds Nietzsche sexy.” Even if the spoken-for Swapaholics won’t be looking for someone to love, we’re always looking to swap and meet new, cool Boston-loving peeps. Perhaps we might find presents someone we know will love, while we’re at it…

How About We Yankee Book Swap
Thursday, Dec 2nd

7:00 – 10:00 PM

Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusets Ave
Cambridge, MA