Showing Startup Pride in Boston: The Schwag Swap

We here at The Swapaholics know what it’s like to be an East Coast startup. A little under two years ago, Amy of Punky Style and Melissa from Shoestring Magazine were hosting small clothing swaps in their living rooms, trading designer favorites with friends over cocktails, realizing that the fun they were having could easily become large events where hundreds of savvy swappers would trade gently-used clothing for like-new pieces to rock all season. Fast forward to fall of 2010, and Amy and Melissa of The Swapaholics are the newest members of another successful startup,, spreading the swap love all around Boston and beyond.

We feel truly lucky to be a part of, and we owe our success to our diehard swappers, our network of startup friends, the overwhelming support of the blogger community, and of course to two years of hard work. That’s why we’re super excited about the newest initiative at Cambridge’s The Venture Cafe from and Greenhorn Connect to grow some serious #StartupPride, the Schwag Swap right here in Boston, a city that has become a sort of Mecca for scrappy startups.

And don’t you read “scrappy” in the negative sense — Boston-based startup companies are making waves all over the nation. In this video, the infamous Jason Sadler of I Wear Your Shirt talks to FOX Business News while wearing a tee from Boston startup Pixability, founded by our dear friend Bettina Hein. The success of I Wear Your Shirt illustrates exactly how powerful it can be to support your favorite startups by wearing their schwag, and we hope you’ll come out with us in force by attending the Startup Schwag Swap.

Let’s be serious, people. Did you think we wouldn’t be into a clothing swap that doubles as a great opportunity to strengthen the Boston startup community? This swap is simple: Boston area startups head to Venture Cafe from 6 to 8 PM on November 11 with 5 of their company’s T-shirts. The shirts get swapped, and the startup businessmen and women get the chance to pitch and “evangelize” their goals to like minded individuals. Then, during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 15-19) the startup swappers wear their new duds around town, identifying themselves as startup participants and spreading the word about the great small companies contributing to Boston’s vibrant economy and community. We’re proud to announce that Boston has finally arrived in full effect with a kick-ass startup scene, rivaling the Valley in every way, and we want you to get excited!

So to our startup sisters and brothers, we hope to see you at The Venture Cafe on November 11! The event is free, and the publicity you’ll get and Boston area allies you’ll make are priceless.  And don’t forget to show some love for the event on Twitter with the #StartupPride hashtag (we know you’re on there!).  You can even send us pics of yourself showing Boston #StartupPride for a chance to win FREE pairs of tickets to our next clothing swap at Downtown Crossing on November 18th!