Cuckoo for Coconut Water

When Project Runway finalist Andy South took out a machete, chopped the top off a coconut, and poured out its fresh elixir directly into glasses for himself, his sister, and Tim Gunn around a picnic table in his Oahu backyard on the season finale, it dawned on me that coconut water might be legit. Which is awesome, because Punky and I have become completely addicted to the stuff over the last few months, starting with our trip to LA in June and our daily battle to stay hydrated in that dry desert heat while schlepping swap stuff from Burbank to Beverly Hills and back.

If you haven’t tried coconut water yet for yourself, now’s the time: VitaCoco hosted a tasting bar at our Downtown Crossing swap on the 18th, and the results were unanimous: the stuff is awesome, especially the new VitaCoco Tangerine and Passionfruit varieties. VitaCoco experts were on hand to answer any questions we had about this big-time trendy beverage and had several flavors of coconut water available to try — including our favorite, the original or “naked” variety.

So far, we haven’t found anything that better quenches our thirst after the rush of the swap, but we’re dying to hear what you think, too. Swap reviews or stories about your coconut water experience in the comments below (or tweet it to us with the hash tag #DTXSwap) between now and Friday for a chance to win a secret score! (Extra points for photos posing with the VitaCoco, at our swap or at home.)

Winners will be announced on November 26th, the day after Thanksgiving. Yep, because we’re thankful to be lucky enough to swap & share with you over and over again, too.

~ Melissa

  • Catalina

    The coconut water was simply refreshing! Like you guys mentioned above I really have not find anything better. Being from South America, it was common for us to drink coconut water while at the beach … so I was thrilled to find out I can still have it at the comfort of my home. Just awesome!

  • epilator reviews

    I think it’s an acquired taste, I’m the only one who drinks it in our house. If you haven’t tied it yet, make sure you do!!