Costume Swaps

My friends and family know that Halloween is, hands down, my favorite holiday of the year. I love autumn in general — the leaves, the apples, the cider, the bonfires, the plaid, the picnics, the pies, and on and on — and I also love a good theme party, celebrating clever costume ideas like the highest art form. Once, my brother went to a costume party dressed as Daniel Larusso in The Karate Kid, only to be trumped by a guy who went as Daniel Larusso as the shower at the Halloween party in The Karate Kid. Taking it to the next level creatively and not being afraid of making a fool of yourself is what Halloween is all about.

Whether you DIY your Halloween costumes and are tired of your go-to ensemble, or have worn your matching store-bought Mario & Luigi get-ups too many times, trade them in for something new by organizing a costume swap in your community (or among your Facebook friends) tomorrow, October 9th, during National Costume Swap Day, part of the “Green Halloween” movement championed by our new partners at and the swap-loving folks at KIWI Magazine.

There’s tons more info on how to organize a costume swap on the Facebook page and Twitter feed, so check it out, and get swapping.

Oh yeah, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

~ Melissa

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.