Boston’s Wonder Women

It’s no secret that The Swapaholics are huge supporters of women-owned and women-led businesses (for obvious reasons). In the four or so years since we became repeat entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been blown away by the passionate and powerful support of the women we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and collaborate with — but as a newbie business owner, it can be tough and intimidating to find a group of like-minded ladies.

Which is why we j’adore Jeanne Dasaro, the mastermind behind Wonder Women of Boston and the creator of Jeans McQueens Creative. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, September 21st), she’s hosting an event at Mantra, open to anyone who’s similarly passionate about promoting women in business and leadership positions. Tickets are $5, with 100% of the proceeds going to support Project Have Hope, a Boston-based nonprofit dedicated to empowering women in the Acholi Quarter of Uganda. PLUS! The Swapaholics are psyched to be donating two tickets to our Boston Fashion Week Sip & Swap with and Second Glass to the raffle in exchange for your designer & trendy clothing donations. Each item you bring to the Wonder Women event on Tuesday gets you another chance to win!

Want to know more about Wonder Women and the lovely Jeanne? We did, too, so we shot her a quick Q&A by email earlier this week:

When and why did you start Wonder Women of Boston?
About a year ago, I realized I’d developed a network of women with pretty impressive credentials: writers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, educators, artists, the list goes on and on. But I found that these amazing women didn’t know each other, so I started Wonder Women of Boston as a way to bring together Boston’s most aspiring and accomplished women.

How many events have you held since launching?
The group has hosted just three events — two educational workshops and a networking event — since the launch in March 2010.

How many members do you have?
Right now we have just over 450 members.

What can people expect from tomorrow night’s event?
Tuesday’s event will be one part networking, one part celebration of our accomplishments, and one part raffle extravaganza. There will be amazing women from the corporate and nonprofit worlds, community leaders, entrepreneurs, job-seekers, and students all mixing and mingling with one another. In addition to the networking there will be a raffle featuring items from Second Glass, Jeans McQueens Creative, Leap Organics, Guerrilla Opera, and more!

Why is it so important in today’s world for women to network, support and promote each other?
As a women entrepreneur I know firsthand that women face many gender-related challenges as professionals. I think it’s important that we discuss and share what we’ve learned along the way and also encourage and support one another’s projects. By doing so we build strong women that support strong communities and organizations.

WWBOS has a strong charitable and eco-friendly undercurrent. Tell us more about your dedication to spreading the word about smart consumption.
As an individual and a small business owner I am continually thinking about how my product and my vendor choices have a lasting impact on the earth and my own community. It’s possible for companies to be both profitable and accountable to social good, and one of the primary ways I, as a small business owner, spread the word about smart consumption is by highlighting the work of people and organizations that share my values — Swapaholics being a great example of this!

The Swapaholics are pumped to partner with Wonder Women of Boston, and are offering attendees raffle tickets toward a chance at free tickets to our Boston Fashion Week Sip & Swap on September 30th in exchange for each donated piece of like-new designer or stylish clothing.

Register now at for more details on Wonder Women of Boston and the many, many more amazing things up for grabs at tomorrow night’s event!

Photo: Melissa and Punky with Liana of New Brahmin at last spring’s first Wonder Women of Boston event, held at Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge.