LA Swap Recap

Guess who’s back…we are! We had a blast Co-hosting the Frugal Festival Swap in Hollywood. Melissa and I were stoked with the response’s so far and are excited to do some more traveling Swaps. Let us know where you want us!

Here are some of our favorite photos from the last swap:

Swap Location:
LA 070
Swap Swag Bag:
LA 062
Swap Lobby:
LA 058
Swap line…a block long…um yay!
LA 104
Swap Time:
LA 136
LA 129
LA 139
LA 090
Swap DJ:
LA 143
Swap Hosts:
LA 084
After Swap Celebrating:
LA joiuoi164
Swap Press (Racked LA and LA Times)
Front page of RackedLA
LA Times Press

To see all Swap photos or add your own from any Swap click here for our Flickr Group.