In the Swaplight: The Seat Swap

It’s hot, hot, hot here in Boston, but the World Cup is almost over & we’ve been looking forward to more traditional summer pastimes in Boston, like an ice cold beer and a Fenway Frank at the ballpark…mmm.

Which is why we’re super excited to share with you our favorite new non-clothing swap: The Seat Swap. Our first event planning assistant (and newly converted Swapaholic) Lindsay Goldner recently trekked down to Hull to interview Seat Swap founder Jackye Colligan to bring us the lowdown:


As well as believing in the Boston Red Sox and the unity of Red Sox Nation, Soxology founder Jackye Colligan also believes in giving back. So much so that Colligan to leverage her New England sports connections and create The Seat Swap, a non-profit organization that allows ticket-holders to donate their seats on game day to deserving children & families who could not otherwise afford to attend.

Swapping unwanted game tickets in exchange for the happiness of others (and a tax deduction) is definitely something we can get behind!

Selfless Swapping

Since its conception in 2009, The Seat Swap has brought joy to children and families who wouldn’t normally be able to go to a professional game, providing them with the complete “game day experience,” helping them experience the fun of watching well-loved franchises like the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics.  The families who benefit from The Seat Swap receive transportation, funds for souvenirs and concessions, and, of course, the coveted tickets.

In order to provide families and children the complete game day experience, Colligan and her Seat Swap team rely on grants and donations of tickets, transportation, memorabilia, funds, and gift cards from sponsors and private donors via their website. Since The Seat Swap doesn’t have a traditional brick-and-mortar office, donating is also possible through fundraising site Memsaic, where a virtual brick can be bought for the online Seat Swap community, a unique way to help “give the gift of a game.”

Get Involved

You can support The Seat Swap by voting for them in the Pepsi Refresh Project, a contest where charities compete for votes based on the creativity and concept of their pursuit. Groups that land in the top 10 spots will each receive $50K for their respective project. For more information on volunteering or contributing tickets to The Seat Swap, contact Jackye and her charitable crew at

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