The Delightful Dozen

As a fashion blogger I can remember being a little nervous about mentioning my interest in Swapping clothes on Punkystyle. I think the idea of thriftiness wasn’t cool yet and I was afraid it would be shunned. So I was really excited when a few months later Modepass invited me to partake in their travelling designer project. The idea of swapping clothes seemed to be a hit, which took a lot of pressure off. Since then there has been a few other blogger swap projects, but the one that really stands out is the Delightful Dozen.

The Delightful Dozen is a group 12 of bloggers who all have a very unique style and are connected through their love and passion for fashion and blogging. They swap clothes, and then post side-by-side photos of each girls take on the item.

We invited Jen and Julie from The Delightful Dozen to our last Swap to tell us more about their project (and swap clothes of course).