Swap for CBS


Here’s Melissa and I, toasting our ability to wrangle a last-minute clothing swap with some fabulous ladies and turn Melissa’s house into a swap-tique to film a nationally syndicated segment with CBS last Tuesday. Nice way to kick off a new website. We are SO excited!

swapaholics 052

swapaholics 046

swapaholics 037



Swaps just aren’t the same without puppies. Dante and Syd fight for my attention.


Above, (L to R) Julie from US Open Air, Karen from ThredUP Kids, Lauren and Cassie from The Closet and Kara from Style Clinic pore over their swap stuff.

And here’s a cute video of Melissa being interviewed for the segment for CBS:

For more amazing photos and video from our swap for the cameras, check out Jessica Sutton’s post on New Brahmin and her swap outfit on Daucus Carota.

  • http://www.meetup.com/South-Bay-Womens-Swap/ Tina Casalino

    Do you have an email address where people who organize swaps can send you info for their upcoming swaps? I run the South Bay Womens Fashion Swap in the Bay Area in California, and would love to have my swaps included on your website!

    You can find out more about my swap group here, but I thought if you publish an email address, you can get more info from other people like me who want you to post our swapping info:)



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