Are You a Swapaholic?

Sure, by now we’ve all heard that swapping clothes is a great way to save money and save the planet at the same time, reusing great stuff and keeping it out of the landfill while getting your shopping fix for free. Ever since the start of the Great Recession, we can’t open a magazine or turn on the TV without hearing about clothing swaps as an economical way to survive this cash crisis in style.

But, did you know that swapping is also insanely addictive?

First, it starts with clothes: you bring your Goodwill bag to a friend’s house and you and your girlfriends swap your best stuff over cocktails and home cooking. (That’s how Amy and I first got hooked a decade ago after, respectively, buying a home and being responsible for fashion-budget-cutting mortgage payments and taking a first journalism job paying $0.03/hour in an elegant yet expensive city.)

Before you know it, you’re swapping previously read paperbacks with strangers online and you’re showing up at public Swapaholics events with your dry cleaning bag in hand, ready to hunt and drop elbows for NWT designer duds in a crowd full of the best budget fashionistas in Boston.

Question is: Once you get bit by the swapping bug, where are you going to get your fix between swaps?

We were jonesing ourselves, which is why finally, after years of hosting swaps in person, we decided to create We’re swapping things daily — from recession-friendly recipes and tips for the least-picked-over Savers store to testing out the best online swap sites and weighing how they compare to the real thing — so we needed a place where everyone could track those tips and tricks, as well as share their best swap stories and photos of their favorite clothing-swap-finds outfits.

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We’re all ears, and we can’t wait to swap with you!

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